Upcoming Auditions

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Initial individual auditions will be held on December 1st and December 2nd.  There will be 10-minute audition time slots available from 4:30-7:30pm each night. During this audition, your student will need to present a 30-second to 1-minute monologue and a 30-second to 1-minute song cut. If you need help finding good monologues or songs, please feel free to reach out at info@brightlightstheatre.org

Your student can sing their song a cappella (without music) or with an instrumental track. (If your student plans to sing with a track, please email us the following: Subject Line "NAME - Track for Annie Jr. Audition", include the link to the track, indicate at what time marker we need to start the track and stop the track.) 

Please also bring a headshot (can be taken on your phone and printed) for casting purposes with your child's name and grade on the back. 

After those initial auditions, we will hold callbacks on Saturday December 3rd. Your student may only be called for a portion of the day. Please see the tentative callback schedule here. Everyone who auditions will be cast, but callbacks help the directors place your students in the right role for them. We will cold-read some scenes from our show, listen to them sing some solos, and hold a dance audition. It would be beneficial for your student to listen to the show's songs on Spotify a few times before callbacks. 

Costume Notes: 

- All students are required to have nude or black biker shorts and a tank top or dance leotard.

- All students are encouraged to purchase black jazz shoes. 

- We may ask if you have some items for your child's character at home for us to use during the performance (for your child). 

These following cast members will need to purchase (or acquire) nude colored tights

  • Miss Hannigan 

  • Grace Farrell 

  • All Maids (including those named and not named) 

  • Star-to-be

  • Usherettes 

  • Lily